Indie pub or traditional pub?

Let’s start things off with a bang.

Indie pub or traditional pub? (And don’t ask me my thoughts about vanity press.)

Well, let’s break stuff down.

Janet Reid raises some interesting points about wanting to go from self-pub to traditional pub. “Your odds of winning the lottery twice are better than your self-pubbed book being picked up by a mainstream publisher.” Ouch. 

We’ll, she’d know what she’s talking about. However, a lot of indies I know swear off trade publishers altogether, and let’s face it, “the man” is foundering, sinking. Don’t believe me? Well the “Big six” is now the “Big five”, and anyone who knows anyone in the library knows there has been talk about cutting out the physical books in favor of computers and ebooks.

Libraries. Not carrying physical books. 

Scared? I sure as hell am.

So… moving on…

On self-published authors ruining publishing.

Now, before you get your hackles up, remember, posts like this are often intended to create, well, drama. Want to get people talking? Behave badly and people will flock in in droves. 

As for me, I’m neutral.

I watch both sides with interest, and change is something I personally love. I am not published, at all. But this article really makes me mad.

Sure, some indie books suck. 

But do I even need to link this abomination with the proud Simon and Schuster label?

Don’t tell me all indie books are poorly edited then rave about Snookie’s “book” (Let’s use that term lightly.)

And this is why, as someone who dabbles in writing, I warn against sweeping statements. Are there more “Bad indie” books than terrible traditional books? Well, it’s all subjective. I mean, after all, 50 shades of Grey breaks 90% of the “rules” we are taught about “good” writing, yet somehow it’s huge. If something “poorly written” and “unedited” can outsell any number of countless well-written books, well, it goes to show that a lot of readers obviously don’t care all that much about editing.

Which is better? Who knows? Who cares? Write your book. Polish it. (or don’t.)  But make sure, above all else, the story is good, engaging, and perhaps you’ll get lucky.

So tell me; are you feeling lucky, punk?

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2 Responses to Indie pub or traditional pub?

  1. Thanks for letting us see both sides of the story! Write on!!

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